Gelée d'Or 50 ml.

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics - Gelée d'Or 50 ml.

Gelée d'Or 50 ml.

Product line: Josephine van Steinborg
Product type: Specifically Active Creams
Skin type: Mature Skin
Price: € 170,80

Potent metabolism gel - a luxurious combination of gold, fagus sylvatica & caviar.

A jewel among anti-ageing products!

  • Ensures an optimal moisture balance, stimulates the intake of oxygen and the production of proteins.
  • Gives the skin a beautifully fresh, glowing look.

Skin type
Suitable for all skin types, especially for the sensitive skin of your décolleté.

Jar 50 ml + 2 Ampoules Hyaluron (2x 5 ml)

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Active ingredients

Caviar Extract
Fagus Sylvatica