Serum Highly Conc. Vit. E 20 ml

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics - Serum Highly Conc. Vit. E 20 ml

Serum Highly Conc. Vit. E 20 ml

Product line: Cure Repair - Serums
Product type: Serums
Skin type: Red Skin

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Completely new principle for skin therapy

Besides your (good) daily skin care you want a “boost” therapy, which will improve your skin significantly in a short term, but you don’t want Mesotherapy or cosmetic surgery (yet), then Medex “Serum Repair Therapy” is the answer. You can use Medex “Serum Repair Therapy” for a few weeks as a therapy, or … permanently as a constant stimulus of the fibroblasts to achieve, or maintain a powerful skin. Next to this, you can use your regular creams, whatever they are, as usual. The composition gives the active ingredients such a strong effect and penetration, making it also suitable for the men’s skin and dark skin.

Silky, beautiful skin by a significant improvement of the skin’s texture is achieved by the very positive effect on the micro-circulation. Your skin is rendered beautifully calm, since Vitamin E is a powerful radical scavenger / anti-oxidant. Damaged skin is recovered quickly by the stimulating effect of Vitamin E on the natural repair mechanisms of your skin. This serum is suitable for every type of skin, but definitely for older skin as it contains a natural protection against the influences of UV-radiation.
The research has chosen for a combination of 3 different types of Vitamin E: one is the most active, D-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, the other is protective for the product itself, to keep the activity at the maximum level, the third is a component of the “oil carrier”, which is also a rich source of Vitamin E.
The highest concentration, which means: A higher concentration than this is not possible; in the Medex-Research lab the right / optimal balance is found between safety and maximum activity / concentration.

Skin type
older skin - damaged skin - fine lines - irregularities - redness

Bottle 20 ml

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Active ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetate
Triticum Vulgare