MEDEX Causaal Deodorant 20 ml.

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics - MEDEX Causaal Deodorant 20 ml.

MEDEX Causaal Deodorant 20 ml.

Product line: Causaal Deodorant
Product type: Deodorant, EDT, Perfume
Skin type: All skin types
Price: € 22,90

Unique, mild & natural deodorantcream

 5-7 days free of body odours!

  • The bacterias that cause body odour are dealt with by the active ingredients(1).
  • Apply just once or twice a week(2).
  • Remains active, even after contact with water.
  • Does not clog the pores.
  • Also suitable for feet(3).

Skin type
Suitable for all skin types.

Jar 20 ml

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Active ingredients

Arnica Montana
Calendula Officinalis
Capryloyl Glycine
Rosmarinus Officinalis
Salicylic Acid
Undecylenoyl Glycine
Zinc Oxide